T-STAND is a floor-standing swivel for LCD or plasma screens, operated by an IR or RF Remote Control. It is absolutely a new product on market, patented by our company. Rotation angle can reach 300 degrees in certain models. The drive is equipped with an overriding clutch which prevents knocking over or hitting any objects in range of the rotating screen. Chrome plated sleeve and base made of stainless steel covered by plexi is a stylish connection which looks well in every house deco. Our Universal Mount (U-mount) allows fitting any screen 36”-60” weighting up to 50 kg. U-mount has also a comfortable cable bush in the back which keeps the wiring system of your TV in order.

Weight 10 Kg
Height from the base to TV 11 cm
Screen mounting Universal U-mount
Protection Overload clutch
Swivel range ±45°
Wattage 3,5 W
Rotation speed ~1,5 r.p.m.
Power supply 115/230V
Control RF Remote
Warranty 2 years

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