MEDIA Rack 19″ – WM

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SZE 9U 16U 16U 30U 40U
WIDTH 582 mm 582 mm 582 mm 582 mm 582 mm
HEIGHT 521 mm 889 mm 958 mm 1581 mm 1983 mm
DEPTH 606 mm 606 mm 632 mm 632 mm 632 mm

2-piece MediaRack19″- WM has been developed for professional installation & storage of tele-informatic devices based on 19” standard as well as various AV equipment.

Due to high diversity of potential use, this cabinet can be an excellent part of furnishings and also can incorporate itself into a multi-media system of any home or office.
It can either be stand-alone or hung onto any wall. This item offers high accessibility thanks to the option of mounting to open either way (reversible doors).

Covered with high quality dark olive paint with pearly specks along with the stainless steel or aluminium handles perfectly blends into the interior of modern flats.


  • easy installation of any components in 19” standard with AV equipment
  • highly accessible during affixing
  • excellent airflow
  • simple cable management
  • shelves’ sizes tailored to majority of available devices
  • shelves with a dedicated fastener preventing from unintentional movement
  • can open either way thanks to the reversible doors to operate your devices more conveniently
  • usage capacity: 16 U i.e. 8 2U shelves

Kit includes:

  • 19″ housing unit – 1 pc
  • wall mountable casing – 1 pc
  • L =655 [mm] holders – 2 pcs
  • assembling accessories