Monitor lift series M ECO


Lifting capacity 10kg (22 lb) 10kg (22 lb) 10kg (22 lb)
Max screen size 420x380x70mm 545x420x70mm 680x420x70
Lifting height 410mm/16″ 460mm/18″ 460mm/18″
Mounting hole 475x150mm 595x150mm 730x150mm
Power consumption 9,6W
Max VESA 200×200
Power supply 115V or 230 V
Control RF remote
Warranty 5 years
This product is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all components.
This device is supplied with discreet cable management solution for concealing wiring for TV installations (clips or guide-ways).
Easy lift height adjustment with the buttons on the controller in the system: 1-2-3.
Control with dedicated radio frequency remote control – supplied.
Universal mounting for a wide range of mounting options.

M Series is a Cartridge-type lift, which can be mounted very easily in any furniture. It requires only a rectangle hole in which you need to mount the lift – and that’s about it. Button operated, has an active RJ-45 Port for all the Sabaj Accessories. Perfect for lifting PC screens and smaller TVs. Conference rooms most favorite – the possibility to set a one-triggers-all manner, so you can place unlimited numbers of those in a line. Can also be used in kitchens, living rooms, and offices. Anywhere you might need hiding your screen and having a flat table. Has the most popular small-screen VESA – from 50×50 up to 200×200.