Rotapad – Manual rotating disc accesory with spring-loaded lock

The ROTAPAD is a rotating disc designed specifically for mounting TV sand enabling rotationon various Sabaj Lifts.

Capable of bearing a weight of up to 90 kg, providing sturdy supportfor TVs of different sizes.

The ROTAPAD is versatileand can be used on ceilings, floors, and walls, serving as an intermediary component between the TV and the lift brackets. Mechanical release mechanism, safely keeps TV in place in 10° increments.

Set of quality Fischer mounting screws and adapters supplied.

Rotation mechanically limited to 350°,to prevent twisting.


Rotapad – size

with a brake

RP WYMIARY Z hamulcem 1 1 

without a brake

RP WYMIARY bez hamulca 1 1

Rotapad + OTW

Rotapad + Mobilift Premium

Rotapad + Mobilift

Rotapad + K-series

Rotapad + K2-Down wall-mount

Rotapad + K2 Down ceiling mount

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Product specification

Max load90 kg / 198 lbs
Max TV sizeany
Max rotation angle350°
Angle adjustmend distance10°
Cable length1,6 m
Product weigth8 kg / 17 lbs
Product compatibilityK-Series, Mobilift series, K-Down series, WP series, SM series
VESA100 × 100, 200 × 200, 300 × 300, 400 × 400
Warranty5 years