4-way wire with terminals for PLC controller – K-PLC-4

Cable length: 3 m

Producer ID: K-PLC-4

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Cable with RJ45 plug can be used with TV lifts with an active RJ-45 socket.

Ended with four tips,  which signal the lift to go up ,  down , left or right  when  connected together .

This contact closure type works in low voltage ( 0-10V ) environment .  

A short (0,5s)  , firm closing of the circuit  will signal the unit to move in one or other direction

This accessory is a gateway for all the home automation systems like Control4 , Lutron , Crestron , Fibaro  , and Sabaj manufactured electric lifts and brackets.

They  also can be used with a simple wall-mounted rolling shutter switch .

K-PLC Cable should not be close to electrical circuits  , or should be shielded from electromagnetic interference , which could cause unnecessary activation of your unit. 

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