Questions about the company

We ship our goods anywhere in the world. Please contact our customer service department at for a shipping quote.

If the goods are in stock, we usually ship within 48 hours. In case of a lack of stock, the deadline will be determined individually for each order.

Our products are highly developed, which is why we can offer a long, 5-year warranty on all products.

We have a showroom in Kraków, near our manufacturing plant. It is possible to see the products from Monday to Friday, between 8 am. and 4 pm GMT+2. Due to the pandemic, there is also the possibility of organizing a remote demonstration.

All of our products are manufactured 100% in Poland. The entire production and conceptual-design process takes place in our Kraków office and manufacturing plant.

In production, we use the latest technologies—both manual and made by modern CNC machines—and the work of human hands. The final assembly is always done by hand, by a skilled worker, to maintain the manufacturing quality.

Our products are the result of many years of work and continuous development of the product range. Sabaj System elevators are manufactured entirely in Poland. We take care of every detail and use the best quality components. We give a long, 5-year warranty on all elements of the grips. Furthermore, we also know that price is important, which is why we strive to maintain the best possible price/quality ratio.

We accept wire transfers, electronic transactions, and PayPal payments.

Yes, we offer discounts when purchasing a larger quantity of Sabaj System products. For details, please contact our sales department.

For shipments of single items within Poland and Europe, we use courier services. For larger orders, they are shipped on pallets, using shipping companies. There is also a possibility of organizing full-vehicle transport and shipping via your carriers.

Product questions

If you have already chosen your type of installation and TV model (or the planned size of the TV), you can choose the right TV LIFT model using the suggested values for the specific product. In case of any doubts, you are welcome to contact our customer service department.

Each product comes with detailed, pictorial instructions. The installation process requires a few easy steps, and the product comes mostly assembled.

Our products are fully universal. They can be used to lift/lower televisions and other objects. They are often used as lifts for cabinets, shoulders, and other furniture.

For bulk orders, we may offer product modifications to meet project requirements.

It is possible to mount curved screens that meet weight and size restrictions.

Our TV brackets are fully universal and allow you to mount any screen that has mounting holes in the VESA standard.

When designing each of our products, we pay a lot of attention to safety. Our lifts meet all the necessary standards and are compliant with safety requirements for use around the world.

We know that user comfort is crucial, and a loud motor and lift mechanism is unacceptable. That’s why our TV elevators are optimized for low-noise operation. They are one of the quietest and fastest products on the market.

Our products can be bought with IR or RF control. The RF variant includes a remote control. For IR control, an IR receiver is included, and any infrared remote control can be programmed for controlling the TV LIFT. The IR version requires the receiver to be routed outside the furniture. In the case of RF control, the signal from the remote control can easily pass through furniture and other obstacles, so there is no need to take the antenna outside the furniture (it is built into the lift controller).

Each of our products has a specific range of operation or dimensions. If the maximum travel of the TV Lift is not lower than the height of your new TV, there is nothing stopping you from changing to a larger TV model.

Don’t panic. We provide full support to our customers. If you encounter any problem, please contact our customer service department. If the product you have is equipped with an external controller, make sure this is connected to the power supply. The controls on our lifts have a display where you can check the error code. Please provide the error code when contacting our support department.

We have perfected the process of pairing and programming elevator functions. It all comes down to a few simple steps that you can do yourself. The detailed process of programming the elevator functions and remote controls are described in the manual included with the elevator.

We are a manufacturer of advanced products for TVs, but we do not provide installation services. We recommend using a qualified carpenter to ensure that your furniture is properly made and fits your TV and lift.

All Sabaj System elevators are designed for indoor installation. If you need a weatherproof product, please contact our sales department—there is a possibility of making it as a special order.

Detailed data and data sheets can be found on the subpage of each product. If you need more detailed information, please contact the Sabaj System customer service department.

The RotoLift series has a motorized and remote-controlled extension system and allows remote right and left rotation.

Sabaj System elevators can be fitted into furniture using:

1. tillable flap—attached to the furniture on hinges and tilted by the elevator (closed by gravity, along with the descent of the elevator).

2. a flap attached to the lift and going out together with the TV.

3. AUTOLID system for automatic flap retraction in the furniture.

The elevator travel determines the maximum height that the TV elevator can be extended. The lifting height must be greater than the height of the TV mounted on the product.

In the first instance, please make a short movie that illustrates the problematic sound. Please send this video to Our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.

We provide additional accessories that allow multiple lifts to be controlled from a single controller. This feature is not available on all models. Please contact customer service for more information.

All 3D CAD models can be found on the product subpage.

Products equipped with an active RJ45 connector can be controlled via external systems using the K-PLC accessory.

Products equipped with an active RJ45 connector can be controlled via WiFi using the K-SMRT accessory. The control is under the wBox application.

We sell through multiple channels and availability changes very dynamically. Please contact our customer service department for details.

The codes displayed on the controller tell you about programming, calling traffic, or errors. We have included a full list of messages in the blog article.

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Contact our customer service department and get all the information you need. We will assist you at every stage of the purchase, and provide you with detailed information about our TV lifts and brackets.