Motorized TV LIFT with swivel – RotoLift with AUTOLID

  • The comfortable angle of rotation – 225° to the left and 90° to the right
  • AUTOLID mechanism, for automatic hiding flap in the furniture
  • Active RJ-45 port- suitable for all Sabaj accessories
  • Power guard – connect your TV directly to the TV Lift control box
  • Universal mounting bracket – can be used with VESA mounting holes from 100×100 up to 600×600
  • Limit switch for an extra safety
  • DC motor with overheat protection
  • 3 sizes allow fitting ROTOLIFT exactly for a specific TV
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Comfortable, rotating TV lift with an automatic lid opening system AUTOLID

The RotoLift series, in addition to the lifting and lowering functions, also can swivel TV. Thanks to this solution, the comfort of using the TV has been increased, which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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A set with AutoLid, provides a smooth, safe and comfortable opening and closing of the 90° flap. You can order AutoLid with any RotoLift type lift.

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The Rotolift series, in addition to the lifting and lowering functions, also can rotate the mounted TV. RF Operated with RF Remote delivered in the set. Rotation 225° Clockwise and 90° counter-clockwise. Soft start and soft stop functions keep the mechanism working for even longer. Universal TV mount covers VESA standards from 200×200 to 600×600 and everything in between. The top and low viewing positions can be easily programmed via the control box. The premium control box allows most of the premium conveniences. A unique and patented TV weighting system stops and raises the lift slightly even if a slight obstacle is encountered – therefore protecting both the unit and the users around it. Additional power cord allows connecting TV directly to the lift -no need for extra cables. The power Guard function protects the TV from lowering it when turned on – cutting the power of the screen so that it’s always hidden securely. Electric motor protected from too much load and overheating. 5 Year warranty with over 80 thousand cycles on full load ensured. This model requires a mounting lid on the top of the TV – proper brackets with easy mounting instructions are provided. A Multicode IR-Receiver can be purchased separately to operate a TV lift with IR remotes.

motorized tv lift wit swivel rotolift sabaj system


motorized tv lift wit swivel rotolift sabaj system dimensions

K-1 RotoliftK-2 RotoliftK-3 RotoliftK-5 Rotolift

Automatic lid opening system – in set

Accessory for Rotolift Series. Connected to the original Rotolift control box, it hides the lid of your furniture slightly behind it so that the TV can rotate easily without the necessity of having the lid mounted to the top of the screen. The top-quality electric motor allows over 20 thousand operations with no maintenance. Max weight of the lid is 5 kg / 11 lb. Thanks to the clutch system the unit is foul-proof.


Recommended cabinet dimensions for mounting ROTOLIFT with AUTOLID

cabinet dimensions for rotolift with autolid sabaj system

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Safety systems

An advanced weighing system is a top-shelf solution for safety. It can feel very small obstacles when you hide your tv - stopping the lift and raising it about 4cm's.

Electronic display - Sabaj System

Electronic digital display

The digital display allows easy communication with the end-user showing all necessary functions and enabling easy diagnostic and troubleshooting.

Easy setup - Sabaj System

Easy 1-2-3 setup

Easy and intuitive setup of lifting height or rotation angle with our dedicated control box. Smooth adjustment thanks to electronic controls makes using the lift or bracket comfortable.

5-year warranty

A 5-year warranty is proof of Sabaj quality. We are certain of our products, which we manufacture internally and test thoroughly before shipping to a customer.​

Cable management

Cable guides are included (type depending on a model) to make sure movement runs smooth with no cables pulled from their sockets.

Universal TV bracket

Universal bracket allows smooth mounting of every tv screen. A set of washers and bolts allows fixing the screen and easy adjustment. Compatible with VESA standards 100x100, 200x200, 300x300, 300x300, 500x500, 600x600.

height 2

Adjustable Lifting height

Easy and intuitive setup of lifting height with our dedicated control box. Smooth adjustment thanks to electronic controls makes using the lift comfortably.

engine 1

Engine overheat protection

This function protects the engine from overheating - giving it hassle-free operation for years. It is also treated as the hard-safety - protecting the furniture from being damaged. When activated - the system cuts the power from an engine and signals error.

Power socket - Sabaj System

Power guard socket

Power socket with a cable allows powering the TV directly via the control box. The power guard system is watching the voltage, being able to cut the power off when somebody tries to hide the device without powering it off.


FeaturesK-1 RotoLiftK-2 RotoLiftK-3 RotoLiftK-5 RotoLift
Lifting height721 mm (28″)842 mm (33″)934 mm (38″)1040 mm (41″)
Angle of rotationCounter-clockwise – 90° Clockwise – 225°Counter-clockwise – 90° Clockwise – 225°Counter-clockwise – 90° Clockwise – 225°Counter-clockwise – 90° Clockwise – 225°
Max. load30 kg (65 lb)50 kg (110 lb)60 kg (130 lb)60 kg (130 lb)
Rotation speed1,5 rpm1,5 rpm1,5 rpm1,5 rpm
Lifting speed2 cm/s2 cm/s2 cm/s2 cm/s
Shipping weight14 kg (31 lb)17 kg (38 lb)18 kg (40 lb)19 kg (42 lb)
Max. TV44″50″60″70″
Max. VESA600×600
Power consumption80W
Safety systemAutomatic weight system
Power supply115V or 230 V
ControlRF remote control
Warranty5 years
Item weight31 kg

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