Extension Arms for K Series, Mobilift, Roto-lift (K-MBL-500-ARM)

Extension Arms for Sabaj Lifts for Larger Screens (K-MBL-500-ARM)

  • Compatibility:
    • Przystosowane do integracji z windami Serii K, Rotolift oraz Mobil-lift.
  • Construction:
    • Consists of two extension arms (right and left).
  • Specifications:
    • Length: 500 mm
    • Height: 80 mm
    • Width: 30 mm
    • Mounting Type: Clamp
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Extend your arms and increase your capabilities.

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Accessory for extending arms for Sabaj lifts.


The ideal solution for large screens.

Our product allows for mounting even the largest TVs, displays, and screens. It enables increasing the VESA size up to 1000×600 and up to 1400×600 for Mobilift models.
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Adjustment of arm length.

Our product offers the capability of fully adjustable arm extension, ensuring versatility and adaptability to various needs. The maximum extension length of the arm is 298 mm, allowing a total extension of up to 596 mm. This feature enables easy customization of mounting for different screen sizes, displays, and other devices, ensuring stability and user convenience.

Clamp Mount

Our kit is extremely easy and intuitive to install. The system utilizes a clamp mounting method, making installation straightforward and requiring only a screwdriver, which is included in the kit. The clamp mounting has been tested under various angles of load and movement to ensure the safety of your equipment. With this solution, you can enjoy stable and secure mounting without unnecessary complications.
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Suitable for flat and curved screens.

Our product has been tested with various types of TVs – from flat to curved and even panoramic screens. Additionally, it perfectly fits different types of interactive boards, making it a versatile solution for various applications. With its sturdy construction and flexible mounting options, it ensures reliability and long-term usability in homes, offices, and educational institutions.

Designed for the vertical beam of your lift.

Our product seamlessly integrates with the vertical beam of your lift, eliminating the need to purchase an additional beam. This solution allows for easy installation of a larger TV by expanding the lift arms’ width, ensuring stability and safety. Enjoy a larger screen without extra costs or complications.
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K-MBL-500-ARM perfectly fits:

Control Via WiFi

Our dedicated “Wbox” app provides complete convenience for managing a smart home. By adding a WiFi module to your order, you also gain the ability to control the extension and retraction of your TV using a smartphone or smart home system. Whether you’re at home or away, full control over your home devices is at your fingertips. The app is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, further enhancing its versatility and ease of use. Additionally, our “Wbox” app supports voice control through integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can simply issue voice commands to extend or retract the TV effortlessly.

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PRODUCTMax Vesa (mm)
Mobilift Premium1400×600
K – Series1000×600

  • Compatibility:
    • Designed for integration with K Series lifts, Rotolift, and Mobil-lift.
  • Construction:
    • Consists of two extension arms (right and left).
  • Specifications:
    • Length: 500 mm
    • Height: 80 mm
    • Width: 30 mm
    • Mounting Type: Clamp
    • Color: Black
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