Motorized TV wall bracket 180 degrees – Swing Mount

  • Operate this unit with your own remote! A unique self-learning system is compatible with at least 99% of nowadays popular TV Remotes. No need for any extra remotes
  • 10W electric brushless DC motor with patented built-in clutch prevents hitting an obstacle
  • Smooth and quiet work due to brushless DC motor
  • +/- 7° Manual tilt adjustment
  • Easy Remote setup
  • Universal TV Bracket, suitable for all screens with VESA standards from 100 to 600 and everything in between
  • Supplied with an IR receiver
  • Available with all commonly-used power sockets in 230 and 120 Volt
  • 1 programmable viewing angles
  • WiFi ready – can be paired with smart home applications via dedicated K-SMRT accessory
  • Universal wall mounting – can be used to open to the left or to the right
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Electric Wall TV Mount Swing Mount

swing sws

The Electric Wall TV Mount Swing Mount is a modern solution that allows for comfortable wall-mounting of your television and precise angle adjustment using a remote control. With its innovative design and advanced technology, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who values elegance and functionality.

Swing Ability 180 Degrees

Allows the TV to rotate 180 degrees, providing a wide range of viewing angles, perfect for watching from various positions in the room and ensuring optimal viewing comfort.

Dual-side installation

The electric mount also offers dual-side installation, allowing easy attachment on either the left or right side of the TV, making it a universal product regardless of which direction you want to extend the TV.

Engine overheat protection

A unique system that prevents collisions with obstacles, thanks to a built-in clutch lock, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your TV. When the system encounters an obstacle, it automatically stops, eliminating the risk of damage to the device.

Manual Tilt Adjustment

Additionally, the ability to manually adjust the TV tilt angle by +/- 7° provides flexibility and precise control over viewing angles, ensuring optimal display alignment. This feature allows you to customize your viewing experience to suit different seating arrangements

Universal VESA Mounting

Thanks to the VESA standard compatibility ranging from 100×100 to 600×400 mm and support for screens up to 65 inches diagonal, the mount is perfectly suited for most TVs available on the market. This makes it suitable for both modern and older TV models, ensuring versatility and easy installation in various rooms.
vesa 2

Stylish and robust design

engineered to support even the heaviest TVs weighing up to 30 kg, while enhancing interior aesthetics. An excellent choice for those seeking both durability and a stylish addition to their home or office.

IR – Multicode System

Allows control with most TV remotes, eliminating the need for an additional remote, making the mount exceptionally convenient and hassle-free to use.

Quickly Change the TV Room

swing mount wizualizacja ramie do telewizora sabaj polska (3)
swing mount wizualizacja ramie do telewizora sabaj polska (1)
swing mount wizualizacja ramie do telewizora sabaj polska (2)
By using our lift, you can cleverly mount it at the corner of the wall, allowing the TV to be extended into another room. This enables you to quickly and safely change the room where the TV is located. It is an ideal solution for those who want to use one TV in different rooms, maximizing space utilization and ensuring versatile usage.

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Capacity30 kg (65 lb)40 kg (88 lb)
Max. TV sizeup to 65″up to 75″
Swing range180° left or right180° left or right
Rotation speed2°/s2°/s
Power consumption3,5W
Safety systemMotor overheat protection
Power supply115 V/230 V
ControlUniversal IR receiver (pair your IR remote)
Warranty5 years




motorized tv wall mount swing mount sabaj system dimensions

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