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You’ve bought a new TV that you want to put on your long-stan­ding dres­ser. You get aro­und to moun­ting it and sud­denly find that the stand is too wide. Does this story apply to you? You don’t have to change the fur­ni­ture, we can help!

Is there a uni­ver­sal TV stand?

The featu­res that a uni­ver­sal TV stand sho­uld have are sta­bi­lity, adju­sta­ble width, and load capa­city. Where do these requ­ire­ments come from? Sta­bi­lity in every direc­tion will ensure safety for our screen. Even a curved LED, OLED, or rela­ted tech­no­logy TV, which has a dif­fe­rent cen­ter of gra­vity than tra­di­tio­nal flat scre­ens, will easily sup­port its weight on a well-sha­ped stand. If you only have a nar­row desk or small table under the TV, width adju­st­ment is impor­tant. In this case, two sepa­rate TV feet are most effec­tive. Bearing capa­city, i. e. the maxi­mum weight of the TV that the stand can carry, is also an obvious para­me­ter. Most of us cho­ose TVs with a large dia­go­nal, but if we have a small apart­ment or need a TV for the cam­per – the cho­ice will natu­rally fall on a small TV rece­iver.

Uno­bvious uni­ver­sal featu­res

Few people realize how to attach the TV to the stand. Typi­cally, stands or feet are moun­ted on the extreme ends of the TV. When con­scio­usly cho­osing a stand, it is help­ful to know the VESA hole spa­cing on the back of the TV. What is VESA? These are stan­dar­di­zed moun­ting holes that allow you to cho­ose any mount or stand if the manu­fac­tu­rer meets these requ­ire­ments – we write about it in detail in the article „What is the VESA stan­dard?”. All our mounts and stands meet this stan­dard. You can con­fi­den­tly cho­ose a Sabaj mount for your LG TV and be sure that the holes will allow you to mount it.

TV cabi­net instead of the wall

Having pets or small chil­dren is often an argu­ment for moun­ting a TV on the wall. Howe­ver, we do not always have this option. A pla­ster­bo­ard par­ti­tion wall is not suita­ble for the instal­la­tion of a heavy TV if you do not first streng­then it with a metal frame. A clas­sic wall unit that occu­pies the entire wall also obvio­usly for­ces the TV to be pla­ced on the fur­ni­ture. Some pie­ces of fur­ni­ture are even made for pla­cing a TV set and home cinema set – they have ready-made cable pass-thro­ughs and appro­priate she­lves.

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Two brac­kets – many possi­bi­li­ties

We’ve made sure the Uni-Stand table top TV mounts are a ver­sa­tile solu­tion to many TV moun­ting pro­blems. The stands are com­pa­ti­ble not only with the most popu­lar TV models, but you can also mount TVs from less known manu­fac­tu­rers, such as Xia­omi, Vivax, Tele­fun­ken, or Orion TV. Thanks to the inc­lu­ded spa­cing ele­ments, a non-stan­dard con­struc­tion of the rece­iver will not be an obstacle. You can use them to com­pen­sate for the une­ven sur­face at the rear of the TV case. Adju­sta­ble height of the struc­ture ensu­res adju­st­ment to any screen size from 22” to 55”.

Incon­spi­cu­ous but strong design

You get the Uni-Stand in parts and it is up to you which holes you use – in this respect it is a com­ple­tely custo­mi­za­ble pro­duct. In the box you will find an assem­bly kit – the inc­lu­ded screws will surely make joining the ele­ments easier and faster. Each leg con­si­sts of three parts – a curved, sta­ble base, a stra­ight exten­sion, and a con­nec­tor that can be adju­sted in height from 45 to 60 cm. The base is made from 5 mm steel that will last for years to come. We know that some­ti­mes you worry about scrat­ching the cabi­net when you move the TV, so we added sili­cone pads on the con­tact sur­face with the fur­ni­ture. Thanks to its adju­sta­ble height and width, a remote con­trol, sound­bar, or the latest con­sole will fit under the TV.

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