Electric TV Lifts by Sabaj – A New Dimension of Comfort and Style

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In the era of modern technology and elegant design, interior decoration takes on new meaning. That’s why Sabaj introduces innovative solutions to the market that combine functionality with aesthetics – electric TV lifts. Forget about traditional stationary mounts and discover the possibilities offered by our products. With them, your living room, bedroom, or office will acquire a new character, and everyday TV use will become a pure pleasure.

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Why choose an electric TV lift?

  • Maximum comfort and ergonomics – Electric TV lifts allow for perfect screen height adjustment to your position, eliminating uncomfortable viewing angles and reducing eye strain and neck tension.
  • Increased usable space – By concealing the TV in the ceiling or furniture, you gain more free space in the room, enabling better organization and interior optimization.
  • Aesthetics and elegance – Sabaj lifts are designed with attention to every detail, making them not only functional but also stylish. They add a modern character to interiors and emphasize their elegance.
  • Ease of use – Simple and intuitive operation with a remote control ensures that anyone, regardless of age or technical skills, can adjust the TV height effortlessly.
  • Technical support and advice – Sabaj offers comprehensive assistance at every stage of purchasing and using the lift. Our team of experts is always ready to answer any questions and provide professional advice.

Solving Everyday Problems

Problem: Too high or too low TV position causes discomfort during viewing.

Solution: Sabaj electric TV lifts allow for perfect adjustment of the screen height to your needs. Now you can watch TV in the most comfortable position, regardless of where you are in the room.

Problem: Difficulties with TV mounting and safety.

Solution: Our lifts are extremely easy to install, and sturdy materials ensure the safety of your equipment. With detailed instructions, the entire installation process is smooth and trouble-free.

Problem: Limited space in the room.

Solution: Sabaj ceiling lifts allow you to hide the TV in the ceiling when not in use, optimizing space and allowing full utilization of the available area.

What distinguishes Sabaj electric TV lifts?

  • Unmatched functionality – Sabaj electric TV lifts allow smooth height adjustment of the television using a remote control. No more limitations – now you can adjust the screen position to your needs, whether watching a movie from the couch or conducting a video conference at your desk.
  • Elegant design – Our lifts are designed for modern interiors. Their slim construction and minimalist appearance perfectly complement any style of decor, adding elegance and a contemporary touch.
  • Easy installation – Thanks to thoughtful design, installing the lift is quick and straightforward. The step-by-step instruction manual included in the kit will guide you through the entire process, and sturdy materials ensure stability and safety during use.
  • Versatility – Sabaj electric lifts are compatible with most TVs available on the market. Regardless of screen size, our products ensure stable and secure mounting.

Available options - find the perfect solution for yourself

Sabaj offers a wide range of electric TV lifts tailored to various customer needs and expectations:

  • Ceiling lifts – Ideal for rooms with limited space. They allow for elegant concealment of the TV in the ceiling when not in use, optimizing space and giving the interior a modern look.
  • Floor lifts – Stable and stylish solution that enables height adjustment of the TV, ensuring comfortable viewing from any location in the room.
  • Furniture-integrated lifts – Innovative approach to interior design where the TV is an integral part of modern furniture. Perfect for those who value functionality and aesthetics in one.

Benefits of choosing Sabaj electric TV lifts

  • User comfort – Easy height adjustment allows for comfortable TV viewing from any spot in the room.
  • Elegance and style – The modern design of our lifts blends perfectly with any interior, adding class and elegance.
  • Safety – Solid construction and high-quality materials ensure the safety of your TV.
  • Versatility – The variety of available options allows you to choose the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Additional Benefits

  • Custom accessories – Sabaj offers the option to add custom accessories, such as the K-SMRT, which allows for Wi-Fi control of the lift through a dedicated app. This adds even more convenience and modernity to your home!
  • Technical support and advice – Sabaj provides comprehensive assistance at every stage of purchasing and using the lift. Our team of experts is always ready to answer any questions and provide professional advice.
  • Worldwide shipping – Regardless of your location, Sabaj offers worldwide shipping of its products. This means you can enjoy modern solutions and enhance your lifestyle with Sabaj electric TV lifts no matter where you are.


If you want to enhance the comfort of your life and give your interior a modern touch, Sabaj electric TV lifts are the perfect choice. Innovative technology, elegant design, and unmatched functionality are just a few features that make our products highly acclaimed. Don’t hesitate – visit our store and see how much you can gain with Sabaj electric TV lifts.

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