How much does it cost to watch TV?

how much tv watching cost sabaj

Rising elec­tri­city bills are a heada­che, but when you’re at home most of the time, it’s hard to give up using your elec­tro­nics. Work in the home office and the latest movies on Net­flix also add to the cost of using the equ­ip­ment. In this article, we answer how much it costs to use a TV and how to cal­cu­late TV power con­sump­tion.

Dif­fe­ren­ces in the power con­sump­tion of TVs

To answer the question of how much elec­tri­city new TVs con­sume, you need to com­pare dif­fe­rent fac­tors. LCD liquid cry­stal scre­ens are not the newest, but they will use much less elec­tri­city than the power­ful cathode ray tube (CRT) scre­ens. Pla­sma is also not the che­apest. If you like to s