Monitor lift for LCD and LED screens – M ECO

  • Built-in HDMI, power supply wires, and RJ-45 socket – don’t need to worry about laying down cables inside of Monitor Lift
  • Serial connection compatible – many lifts can be steered in one time
  • Retrofit kit – cartridge type, allows installing in your existing work area
  • Active RJ-45 socket – works with all Sabaj accessories
  • Universal VESA mount – allows changing to a different type of display without problems with mounting holes spacing
  • 3 sizes – can be suited up just for your needs
  • High lifting capacity – can be used with monitor screens weighing up to 10 kg/22 lb
  • Easy installation – requires just an appropriate mounting hole and mounting space under the desk/inside the furniture
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Monitor Lift - M ECO series

statyczna monitor lift 1 sabaj system

The M-Eco monitor lift is an innovative solution for those seeking an elegant and functional way to conceal a monitor or small TV. With its compact design and easy installation, it is perfect for various interiors such as offices, conference rooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Product Features:

monitor lift m eco sabaj 4

Compact design

The lift is enclosed in an aesthetic casing, allowing for easy installation in any type of furniture. Simply cut the appropriate hole and mount the lift. Its discreet construction ensures it fits seamlessly into any interior, providing both an elegant appearance and space-saving functionality.

Button operation:

The lift is controlled via a convenient membrane button panel, ensuring intuitive and hassle-free operation. The panel is designed to allow quick and easy raising and lowering of the monitor, enhancing user comfort.
monitor lift m eco sabaj 5

Universal VESA mounts

Compatible with the most popular VESA mounts from 50×50 to 200×200 and capable of supporting screens from 19 to 32 inches, allowing for the installation of various models of monitors and small TVs. This flexibility enables you to easily adjust the lift to your needs, regardless of the brand or model of the screen.

Active RJ-45 port and HDMI input

Equipped with an active RJ-45 port that enables the use of various Sabaj accessories such as expansion modules or remotes. Additionally, the enclosure features an HDMI input, facilitating easy connection of the monitor in the lift to a receiver or other multimedia devices.
Monitorlift gniazda mini
monitor lift m eco sabaj

Various sizes

A wide range of available sizes allows you to tailor the lift to diverse user needs. This enables you to select the perfect model that fits the size and type of monitor or TV you need to conceal or showcase.

Engine overheat protection

This function safeguards the engine against overheating, ensuring hassle-free operation for years. It also serves as a robust safety feature, protecting the furniture from potential damage. When activated, the system cuts power to the engine and signals an error.
statyczna monitor lift 2 sabaj system

Automatic monitor shutdown

By connecting the monitor’s power to the lift mechanism, the system automatically cuts off power when the lift is lowered. This feature provides added convenience as there is no need to manually turn off the monitor. Additionally, it ensures the safety that the monitor will not be lowered while still powered on.

Easy installation

Requires only a rectangular cutout in furniture, greatly simplifying setup. The straightforward installation process allows for quick and efficient placement of the lift in the desired location, without the need for complicated installation procedures.

Multi-room application

Monitor Lift Home office statyczna 2 sabaj system

Ideal for installation in offices, conference rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces with a flat surface.

Ideal solution for offices and conference rooms

With the ability to daisy-chain multiple lifts in a single line, you can install an unlimited number of units, which is particularly useful in large conference rooms. This configuration allows for comprehensive space management and seamless integration of multiple audio-visual devices, invaluable for organizing meetings or presentations.

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Monitorlift wizualizacja 3 sabaj system

Monitor lift is not only a practical but also a stylish solution for your home or office. With it, you’ll gain more space on your desk or table, as well as the ability to easily hide the screen when not in use. Order now and enjoy the modern design and convenience that this unique product offers.


Monitor SizeUp to 19″Up to 23″Up to 27″Up to 32″
Lifting CapacityUp to 10 kg (22 lb)Up to 10 kg (22 lb)Up to 10 kg (22 lb)Up to 10 kg (22 lb)
Max. Monitor Size420×380
x70 mm (16,5″x15″x2,76″)
x70 mm (21,5″x16,5″x2,76″)
x70 mm (26,8″x16,5″x2,76″)
730x420x70 mm (28,7″x16,5″x2,76″)
Lifting Height410 mm/16″460 mm/18″460 mm/18″460 mm/18″
Mounting Hole475×150 mm (18,7″x5,9″)595×150 mm (23,4″x5,9″)730×150 mm (28,7″x5,9″)780×150 mm (30,7″x5,9″)
Power Consumption9,6W
Max. VESA200×200
Power Supply115V lub 230 V
Remote ControlRF Remote
Warranty5 year
FinishINOX / Black



monitor lift sabaj system bottom top front and side view


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