Motorised TV Lift IR steering – K-ECO IR

Our lift has been equipped with a versatile mounting system that enables easy installation with different spacing of installation holes, offering a wide range of mounting options. Tv-lift can easily be manned by an IR remote control. The built-in controlling module also gives an option to steer the entire lift with the dedicated buttons located on its front panel.

Optionally, you can add the feature of collision detection technology that stops the downward movement and reverses the screen slightly if the lift meets significant resistance on its way down. This is all to increase the effectiveness of the safety features. Mounting the drive unit comes down to directly affixing it into the designed base panel. Controller’s programming (such as bookmarking the favorite position) as well as up & down movement can be determined in an easy one-button sequence.

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Cabinet lift system ECO IR

motorised tv lift ir steering sabaj system

K-Eco series is a budget version of K- Type. Operated with the IR receiver attached. The receiver needs to be put outside the furniture for the proper signal receipt. Easy remote learning procedure thanks to the IR-Multicode system allows using any TV remote for controlling the lift. IR remote is not attached – you can use any remote that operates in the most popular IR bandwidth. The unit is equipped with an electric motor safety system, that prevents the motor from overheating by carrying a load that is heavier than possible. The viewing position is programmed with the control box. Universal TV mount covers VESA standards from 200×200 to 600×600 and everything in between. Digital display to show all the necessary operational commands and programming modes.

K-ECO IR key features

K-ECO IR dimensions

motorised tv lift rf steering sabaj system dimensions

K-1 Eco RFK-2 Eco RF

5-year warranty

5-year warranty is a proof of Sabaj quality. We are certain of our products, which we manufacture internally and test thoroughly before shipping to a customer.​

Cable management

Cable guides included (type depending on a model) to make sure movement runs smooth with no cables pulled from their sockets.

Universal TV bracket

Universal bracket allows smooth mounting of every tv screen. A set of washers and bolts allows fixing the screen and easy adjustment. Compatible with VESA standards 300x300, 400x400, 500x500, 600x600.

height 2

Adjustable Lifting height

Easy and intuitive setup of lifting height with our dedicated control box. Smooth adjustment thanks to electronic controls makes using the lift comfortably.

engine 1

Engine overheat protection

This function protects the engine from overheating - giving it hassle-free operation for years. It is also treated as the hard-safety - protecting the furniture from being damaged. When activated - the system cuts the power from an engine and signals error.

Easy setup - Sabaj System

Easy 1-2-3 setup

Easy and intuitive setup of lifting height or rotation angle with our dedicated control box. Smooth adjustment thanks to electronic controls makes using the lift or bracket comfortable.


Features:K-1 ECO IRK-2 ECO IR
TV lifting capacity30 kg (65 lb)50 kg (110 lb)
Max TV height690 mm (27″)800 mm (32″)
Travels720 mm (28″)840 mm 33″
Lifting speed20 mm/s20 mm/s
Shipping weight12 kg (26 lb)16 kg (35 lb)
Power consumption80W
Safety SystemOptional
Power supply115V or 230 V
ControlUniversal IR receiver (pair your own IR remote)
Warranty5 years

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