What height to hang the TV

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Long eve­nings in front of the TV are an easy way to relax and unwind. Howe­ver, if we take an uncom­for­ta­ble stand, we can get back pain and eye strain. You sho­uld of course take care of the com­for­ta­ble lounge fur­ni­ture on which you spend your time, but an ergo­no­mic TV height will give you just as many bene­fits. We have pre­pa­red a short guide on how high to hang the TV so those movie mara­thons with the family or games on a con­sole will be a ple­asure and not a bur­den for the body.

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Height of the TV in dif­fe­rent rooms

An appro­priate height of the TV screen is one at which we can com­for­ta­bly watch the image in a natu­ral posi­tion. It is assu­med that we sho­uld place the cen­ter of the screen at the height of the vie­wer’s eyes. This height is usu­ally between 100 and 110 cm from the floor if you are wat­ching the TV while sit­ting on a sofa. Ana­lo­gi­cally, when we have a TV in the kit­chen – it sho­uld be adju­sted to our height because we usu­ally watch it stan­ding up. It is dif­fe­rent when we pre­fer to watch the TV lying down so the TV in the bedroom sho­uld be moun­ted clo­ser to the ceiling, at a height of about 180 cm above the floor. Opti­mally, you can invest in a ceiling lift for the TV – then you can com­for­ta­bly adjust the height of the rece­iver depen­ding on whe­ther you are sit­ting or lying down while wat­ching.

TV dia­go­nal and han­ging height

Tele­vi­sions with a lar­ger screen dia­go­nal sho­uld be hung higher than small and com­pact ones. The cen­ter of the TV is always the most impor­tant, not its top or bot­tom edge. Our eyesi­ght is focu­sed on the cen­ter of the screen and lowe­ring it may result in back pain and tech-neck, i. e. trans­verse wrin­kles cau­sed by per­ma­nent ten­sion of the chin. Big­ger TV also means a lar­ger distance from the screen to feel com­for­ta­ble while wat­ching it. If the TV „hurts” your eyes, it is neces­sary to incre­ase this distance. Eye muscle fati­gue cau­sed by fre­qu­ent screen radia­tion can per­ma­nently damage your eyesi­ght!

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Ways of spen­ding time in front of the TV

Most often, we use the TV tra­di­tio­nally, wat­ching our favo­rite stre­aming service or TV chan­nel. Howe­ver, keep in mind that many people buy a TV for con­sole gaming and use the device only for sim­ple TV games or chal­len­ging simu­la­tor. Then it may be com­mon to sit on a pouf or the floor, and the TV sho­uld be lower – we can use a uni­ver­sal table­top TV mount and place the TV on a dres­ser or side­bo­ard. For people who like cooking in front of the TV or fit­ness at home, a higher height will be opti­mal. Do your house­hold mem­bers use the TV in the living room in dif­fe­rent ways? For the health of your family, you can make a com­pro­mise and mount the TV on a lift so you can easily adjust the height to your favo­rite enter­ta­in­ment.