Ceiling TV lift for heavy screens and furniture – K-2 Down

  • Heavy construction – can lift to 80 kg
  • Universal lift – used to lift TV screens and furniture
  • TV mount – universal mounting covers VESA up to 600×600
  • Active RJ-45 – additional accessories available
  • RF control  – RF remote included
  • Motor – DC motor with overheat protection
  • Universal mounting – can be mounted to the ceiling or wall
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High load ceiling TV lift

motorized ceiling tv lift k 2 down sabaj system

Lowering (upside down) lift with the possibility of Ceiling or wall setup. Sturdy design allows carrying heavier screens and furniture. The control box has an active RJ-45 Port, which means all of the Sabaj Accessories can be used on this model. Universal TV mount covers VESA standards from 200×200 to 600×600 and everything in between. Digital display to show all the necessary operational commands and programming modes.

K-2 Down – Key Features

motorized ceiling tv lift k 2 down sabaj system key features

K-2 Down – Dimensions


wymiary k2down pl

5-year warranty

5-year warranty is a proof of Sabaj quality. We are certain of our products, which we manufacture internally and test thoroughly before shipping to a customer.​

engine 1

Engine overheat protection

This function protects the engine from overheating - giving it hassle-free operation for years. It is also treated as the hard-safety - protecting the furniture from being damaged. When activated - the system cuts the power from an engine and signals error.

Universal TV bracket

Universal bracket allows smooth mounting of every tv screen. Set of washers and bolts allows fixing the screen and easy adjustment. Compatible with vesa standards 400x400 , 300x300 , 500x500

Easy setup - Sabaj System

Easy programming.

The controller grip's programming system is simple and intuitive. Thanks to its straightforward process, launching and setting up the necessary functions is smooth and hassle-free.

ethernet 1

Active RJ-45 socket

Active RJ-45 socket allows using all the Sabaj accessories used for additional lift controls. Products like K-SMRT, K-PLC, K-BTN can be easily plugged in and used for operating the lift or electrical bracket.

cyber security 1

Safety systems

An advanced weighing system is a top-shelf solution for safety. It can feel very small obstacles when move your tv - stopping the lift.

remote control black

Engine overheat protection

RF remote included with the lift. Enables remote control of the lift without the need for an external receiver to be installed.

smartphone1 1

WiFi control capability

The ability to pair with Smart Home systems using the K-SMRT accessory.


K-2 Down
Lifting capacity80 Kg / 176 lb
Lifting height80 cm / 32″
Lifting speed2 cm/s
Power consumption80W
Power supply115V or 230V
Remote controlRF remote
Max. VESA600×600

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