Electric, small ceiling TV lift – D’Angle

D’angel – Electric Ceiling Lift for TVs

D’angel is an advanced electric ceiling lift, ideal for monitors with screen sizes up to 85″. Designed for both flat and curved screens, it meets VESA standards from 100×100 to 600×600 mm. With a maximum load capacity of 50 kg and smoothly adjustable tilt from 0° to 85°, it offers complete flexibility in positioning.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: VESA 100×100 to 600×600 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 50 kg
  • Tilt: 0° to 85°
  • Speed: 3 cm/s
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel sheet, aluminum
  • Motorized: Yes
  • Safety: Motor overload protection
  • Control: IR remote control, optional WiFi adapter, voice control, RF remote control
  • Warranty: 5 years
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D’Angle: Experience the Future of Home Comfort

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With our innovative D’Angle system, you can discreetly conceal your television at the ceiling, maintaining a clean and uninterrupted appearance in your space.

Adjust your account settings for your viewing comfort.

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Our lift is the perfect solution for your bedroom. You no longer need to adjust your position on the bed to the TV, as the TV adjusts to you, allowing you to watch comfortably. Additionally, when you’re not using the TV, you can retract it to occupy minimal space, giving you extra space in your bedroom. This way, you can enjoy not only comfortable viewing but also better organization and increased functionality in your bedroom.

Product features:

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Tilt Adjustment ◄

The tilt angle smoothly adjusts from 0° to 85°, allowing the user to set the TV at the perfect angle. This ensures comfortable and ergonomic viewing, reducing eye and neck strain, and providing a better experience when watching your favorite shows and movies at home.

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► User-Friendly Controller

The controller informs the user about the device status and enables adjustment/programming of the opening angle. Additionally, it features an intuitive interface with easy-to-read indicators and buttons, making it simple for anyone to operate and customize the settings to their preference.

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Overload Protection ◄

Our lift is equipped with an overload protection system. This means that if the lift detects resistance while closing, it will stop, preventing
any potential crushing.

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► Universal VESA Mount

Allows adjustment for screens compatible with the VESA standard ranging from 100×100 to 600×600 mm. This versatile mounting option provides compatibility with a wide range of screens, offering users flexibility in their setup configurations and ensuring seamless integration with various display devices.

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Ceiling Mount ◄

Our product is designed specifically for ceiling mounting, providing stable and secure suspension of the screen in any room location. This specially engineered mounting option allows users to maximize space utilization and adjust settings according to their needs, while ensuring an elegant and functional solution for displaying content.

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► Lifting Belt Security

Our belt, which raises the system, is of the highest quality, ensuring stable and reliable operation of the device for many years. Additionally, the system is equipped with a mechanism to prevent the belt from tangling, ensuring the system operates reliably even under heavy usage conditions.

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Active RJ-45 port ◄

Our lift features an RJ-45 socket, allowing for
the connection of additional accessories like K-SMRT (Wifi Module), IR Recevier and more.

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► Versatility

Designed for both flat and curved screens. Our system has been meticulously engineered to accommodate both curved and flat
screens with ease, ensuring versatility and compatibility for all types of setups.

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High Load Capacity ◄

Our lifting mechanism is designed to accommodate even the heaviest televisions. We provide a usage guarantee for weights up to 50 kg, ensuring reliability and durability. Additionally, the system’s robust construction and high-quality materials ensure seamless operation even under heavy loads.

Ensure additional safety for your equipment and family.

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D’Angle is the perfect solution for your family. Ceiling mounting ensures difficult access to the TV for children and pets, ensuring the safety of your family and equipment. Additionally, the equipment makes a huge impression on guests and adds a unique look to your room, while also creating atmospheric movie nights

Control your lift conveniently using your TV remote.

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Our lift features an intelligent remote programming function. This allows for very easy connection of the TV
remote directly to the lift, enabling control of both the TV and the lift with a single remote.

wBOX application

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Manage your television from anywhere!

Our dedicated ‘Wbox’ application provides complete convenience in managing your smart home. By adding a WiFi module to your order, you also gain the ability to control the extending and retracting of the TV using your smartphone or smart home system. Whether you’re at home or away, full control over your home devices is at your fingertips. The application is also supported by Google Home and Amazon Alexa, further enhancing its versatility and ease of use. Additionally, our ‘Wbox’ application allows voice control through integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can simply issue voice commands to extend or retract the television.

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LEVEL UP your gaming experience

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Our D'Angle is perfect for console gaming.


Want to play with friends? Just one click and you’re ready to enjoy your entertainment. After finishing the game, simply press one button, and your gaming spot transforms back into a regular room. Additionally, our lift can hold up to 50 kg, meaning that in most cases, you can easily attach a console along with the TV to it. (Please note that the Sabaj system does not provide a ready-made console mounting template for the lift; we recommend mounting the console to the ceiling.)



  • Lifting Speed: 3 cm/s

  • Voltage/Power Unit (mm): 230v / 2,5 Amp

  • Overall Dimensions (mm): 705×143 closed, 705×910 opened

  • Tilt: 0° to 85°

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 50 kg

  • Available Controls: (IR), (RF), (all RJ-45 Sabaj accessories), Wi-Fi module

  • Installation: Ceiling mount

  • Compatibility: VESA 100×100 to 600×600 mm

  • Maximum load capacity: 50 kg

  • Tilt: 0° to 85°

  • Speed: 3 cm/s

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Steel sheet, aluminum

  • Motorized: Yes

  • Safety: Motor overload protection


Ease of installation

Our TV lift comes equipped with all the necessary components for installation, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup. With its sturdy construction and intuitive instructions, the installation process is simple and convenient, even for those without technical experience.



We include Fischer wall plugs with
our lift. These are high-quality plugs
from a reputable company, ensuring
a very durable ceiling installation.


Our lift is designed to fit televisions as
precisely as possible. Therefore, we
include suitable screws and extension
caps in various sizes with the set,
ensuring that the television is securely
and firmly attached to the lift, regardless
of its construction.


We include a pre-programmed remote
with a battery in the set, so you can start
using the device right away. Additionally,
our lift can connect to any infrared
remote, including your TV remote.

Files To Download:

Recommended Accesories:

Thanks to our innovative accessory, known as Rotapad, you now have the ability to rotate D’angle a full 350 degrees. This feature allows for convenient adjustment of the lift’s direction, significantly enhancing user comfort. Rotapad operates fully manually, meaning the rotation around the axis is done by hand.