Projector lift for ceiling installation

winda do projektora wp 560

A movie projector is the heart of a home theater, it gives a substitute for a real cinema hall, increases the attractiveness of photo and game shows. You can place the multimedia projector on the furniture, but the high temperature can damage the material. Another idea is a ceiling shelf for the projector, but even a high suspended will act on our brain as an obstacle.

Projector lift

An excellent solution for comfortable use of the projector is a ceiling lift, which, together with the equipment, can be hidden in the ceiling. An electric elevator provides the optimum height and angle during use, and hidden in the ceiling prevents the projector from getting dusty. In this way, we get rid of the unsightly equipment hanging just overhead.

The stability of the structure is best ensured by the scissor mechanism, which has a high lifting capacity and keeps the mounted equipment horizontal. It folds overlapping, so it does not increase the necessary working space in the ceiling. Installing a projector lift involves a slight lowering of the ceiling or making a suspended ceiling, but it is worth it for the aesthetic and usability values.

Universal lift for projector

The projector scissor lift from Sabaj-System is a ready-made elevator, compatible with most projectors weighing up to 20 kg. It works with such leading brands as BenQ Siemens, Philips, and Sony. It works well both in offices and conference rooms, as well as for private use. The design facilitates quick installation – just prepare a hole according to the guidelines and tighten the subsequent elements. The depth of the installation space should be at least 120 mm + the height of the projector.

Projector elevator WP-560 has a rack in its base, which allows for complete masking of the working space – it is enough to choose a tile or panels, with which the rest of the ceiling is covered. It is also possible to cover the projector from the sides if you decide on a low ceiling. The maximum height to which the mechanism can be lowered is 560 mm.

Safe mechanism

The gentle rising and lowering of the WP-560 protect the projector from shocks or from falling quickly due to the opening of the scissors. The optimum speed reached by the mechanism is 50 mm/sec. The DC motor, manufactured in Italy, is protected against overload – in case of encountering an obstacle or too heavy load, it stops. Limit switches register the position of the device and prevent it from going beyond the programmed height.

Our projector lift is equipped with a plastic cable guide. This keeps the power cords neatly organized and protected from breaking. Any loosening of cables, encountering an obstacle, or overheating of the motor is signaled by an appropriate message displayed by the control box.

sabaj ta wp 560 sp winda po wp wszystko 1

Lift control

Projector lift WP-560 is supplied with pre-programmed RF-REMOTE-2W radio remote control. The projector is opened to the programmed height or retracted into the ceiling with the push of a button. An active RJ-45 socket located in the control box gives you the possibility to control the projector with other accessories available in our store.

Elegant IR-EYE is compatible with remote controls of the most popular TV manufacturers. The condition is the remote control operation in the RC-5 code. The most convenient solution for smartphone users is the Wi-Fi module requiring access to the Internet – K-SMRT. It allows you to open the elevator channel with a command issued in an application, such as wBox. Whatever control method you choose, the mobile ceiling lift from Sabaj-System gets the best reviews for its reliability and elegant design.